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Kudanthai Chakrapani Koil
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Kudanthai Chakrapani Koil

The Only Temple in India exclusively dedicated for Chakrathazhvaar
Chariot Festival on Maasi Magam (March 9) is a special feature at this temple

One of the three historical Perumal Koils located in the heart of Kumbakonam is the Chakrapani Koil, where Lord Vishnu is said to have appeared before the Sun God, cooled his over heated state and brought him out of his arrogant behaviour.

Chakrapani koil is about a kilometre West of Saarangapani Koil  and North- West of Ramaswamy Koil

While there are several temples with prominent Sannidhis for Chakrathaazhvar (ThiruMogur is one-Srirangam is another), this is the only Vishnu temple exclusively for Chakrathaazhvaar.

Lord Chakrapani is seen with 8 hands, each holding a weapon. Chakrathazhvaar, who has 3 eyes, is also called Trinethradhari.

The story
Once upon a time, the rishis found it difficult to undertake their penance at this place as they were continuously troubled by Asura Jalanda. Around the same time, the Sun Lord’s heat in this region was becoming unmanageable. When asked the reason for this over heated state, the Sun Lord replied in an arrogant tone that he was the only source of light and heat and it was his choice to decide the intensity.

The rishis undertook penance at this place invoking the blessings of Lord Vishnu to save them, both from the asura and the heat.

Answering their prayers, Lord Vishnu appeared here and hurled the chakra in his right hand to kill the Asura. This chakra was said to have had the power equivalent to several times the Sun’s rays.

Sun God goes into hiding
Seeing the powerful Chakra swirl from the hands of Lord Vishnu, a threatened Sun Lord went into hiding. A worried Devas came down in a large group here and requested Lord Vishnu to give back the powers of the Sun God so this place could receive the sun rays again.

Realising his folly, the Sun God too came out from his hiding, invoked the blessings of Lord Vishnu here and apologised for his arrogant behaviour. In memory of this event, the Sun God performed special poojas for Sudarshana Moorthy on Maasi Magam.

Maasi Magam- Chariot Festival
The Lord goes out on a chariot procession around the four streets on this day. On this same day- Maasi Magam- Theppotsavam takes place at the Saarangapani Koil. An interesting feature is that the Maasi Magam day is celebrated across all Saivite and Vishnu temples here in Kumbakonam, making it an important festival for this temple town. This year(2009), Maasi Magam falls on March 9 (Monday).

Chakrathazhvaar seen with Sudarshana Valli

To prevent the possibility of this place becoming over heated again, Sudarashanavalli Thaayar is seen alongside Chakrathazhvaar (while normally one sees Vijayavalli Thaayar next to Chakrathazhvaar). There is a separate sannidhi for Vijayavalli Thaayar.

Bhaskara Kshetram
As the Sun God asked for Saranagathi and regained his full powers, this place is referred to as Bhaskara Kshteram.

5 different kinds of Poojas
Inside the sanctum, one finds Brahmma, Agni, Ahirbadri Rishi, Goddess Mahalakshmi and Sun God, each of whom is said to perform 5 different kinds of poojas for Lord Chakrapani every day.

Devotees Wishes Fulfilled
Entering this temple is said to provide positive energy for devotees who pray with sincerity. Just undertaking a simple Prathakshanam around the Perumal and Thaayar Sannidhi is believed to fulfil all the wishes of the devotees.

Sudarshana Homam, Thirumanjanam and Sahasranamam Archanai are special at this temple. Gothumai Payasam is a speciality at the Chakrapani temple

Chariot Festival on Maasi Magam
10 day Brahmotsavam in Chitrai along with Sarangapani Lord
Pavitrotsavam in Aavani
Theppotsavam on Vaikasi Pournami

Quick Facts
Moolavar: Chakrapani seen with Sudarshana Valli
Thaayar : Vijaya Valli(Separate Sannidhi)

Time : 7am-12noon and 430pm-9pm

Contact: Soundara Raja Bhattar@ 94863 10896

How to reach the temple
Auto from Kumbakonam Bus Stand /Railway Station will cost about Rs.40 -50/-.
Auto from Sarangapani or Ramaswamy Koil will cost about Rs.25.

Where to Stay
Green Park/ Hotel Aditya(Within a Km of Saarangapani Koil)
Retiring room in Kumbakonam Railway Station

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