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The Temples of Tamilnadu

Madhava Perumal in Mylapore
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Madhava Perumal Koil
Lord Vishnu directed Veda Vyasa here as the best place for liberation from Kali Dosham in this Kali Yugam
A Prarthana Sthalam for unmarried people and childless couples

One of the most prominent among the Non Divya Desams is the Madhava Perumal Koil in Mayurapuri (now Mylapore) in the heart of Madras. The temple that has a rich history attached to it is said to be at least 800 years old ( in its current form) though there are views that this temple may have existed around the time of the Azhvaars or just after.

In Brahmmaanda Puranam, under the section Mayurapuri Mahatmiyam, one finds reference to this place as ‘Madhavapuram’.

Another indication that this temple is really several centuries old is the four pillar mandapam in front of the temple, typical of some of the Pallava construction of that time. It can be seen that the most traditional and historical of temples, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, have the four pillared structure in front of the temple and such temples are said to be at least about 500-600 years old.

The story

Veda Vyasa wanted the best place on earth to undertake penance to get liberated from any kind of Kali Dosham in the Kali Yugam. Lord Narayana directed him to the ashram of Brigu Rishi in Madhavapuram as the ideal place for this.

One of the first three Azhvaars, PeyAzhvaar, was born in a street South East of the Madhava Perumal temple. Reference to this is found in the Brahammanda Puranam in the section relating to Mayurapuri Mahaatmiyam.

PS: There is a dispute on the real Avataara Sthalam of PeyAzhvaar - Is it KesavaPerumal or Madhava Perumal or neither!!! Will keep that for a separate story. Suffice to say here that Madhava Perumal Koil has all the requirements that made up a historical Perumal Koil- Pushkarani, Mathil ( the four walls), Agraharam, the four pillar mandapam at the entrance….

The name- Madhavapuram
It is believed that Lord Vishnu came here from his abode in Vaikuntam as Madhava Perumal to marry Amruthavalli Thaayar. Hence, this place came to be called Madhavapuram.

The temple which was supposedly in a dilapidated condition in the early part of last century is said to have been revived to its old glory by the Chettiars, about 50-60 years ago, who installed the Utsava deities that one sees today.

Prarthana Sthalam

Santhana Pushkarani, which is now found to the South of the temple was the sacred tank of Sage Brigu, who lived in the ashram here. The age old belief, as referred to in Mayurapuri Mahaatmiyam, is that couples who bathe here on the full moon day in the Tamil calendar month of Maasi (mid Feb-mid March) and who offer their prayers to Madhava Perumal and Amruthavalli Thaayar will be immediately blessed with children.

This is also a Prarthana Sthalam for unmarried people. Offering prayers to Lord Madhava Perumal who is seen in Kalyana Kolam is said to help one find his or her match immediately.

In the Tamil calendar month of Aadi, Lord Madhava Perumal is seen in a sleeping posture on the lap of Andal- a special event at this temple.

Andal makes passing reference to Madhava Perumal in her Thiruppavai…

“Maamaan Magaley Manikathavum Thaazhthiravaai
Maamaayan Madhavan, Vaikuntan Enrenru
Naamam Palavum Navinrelorembaavaai”

Another reference is in the last verse : Vanga kadal Kadaintha Madhavanai Kesavanai…..

Bhoo Varahar
On the western side of the temple is the Bhoo Varahar sannidhi. A special homam is performed in February every year ahead of the final exams of students…It is believed that Varahar helps student devotees come out successfully in their examinations.

One of the special features at the Madhava Perumal Koil is the 9 day festival during Panguni when Rama is brought to life with special decorations every day relating to different events/episodes in his life.


Theppotsavam in Maasi
PeyAzhvaar Avataara Utsavam in Aipasi
Chitrai Brahmotsavam
Varaha Jayanthi Utsavam in Chitrai

Quick Facts

Moolavar: Madhava Perumal East facing Sitting posture (Kalyana Kolam)
Thaayaar: Amrutha Valli Thaayar
Utsavar Deities: Aravind Madhavan, Niranjana Madhavan

Temple Time: 630am-11am and 430pm -9pm

Priest : R. Srinivasa Bhattar @044 24666 2039 or 94440 18239
Parthasarathy Bhattar @ 98848 53401

Location : Behind Sanskrit College/ Thiru Valluvar Statue

Kudanthai Chakrapani Koil

Kattu Mannar Koil

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