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The Temples of Tamilnadu

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Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal , Thanjavur

Handsome, Slim looking Lord in Thanjavur who solves all the problems of devotees
Muthuswamy Deekshithar composed Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Bhajegam in praise of this Lord

A beautiful old temple situated in the heart of Thanjavur is the Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Koil. Built during the period of Achutha Nayakar by Maratha King Pratap Singh, the temple is right in the centre of the famous four Raja Streets of Thanjavur. In earlier times, the Lord was called ‘Malai Eriya Perumal‘.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared one night in the dreams of Pratap Singh as Venkatesa Perumal. Answering the King’s prayers, Lord is said to have asked the King to pick up the idol of the Lord along with the Thaayar lying behind in the temple tank and install at the temple here. One has to climb about 10 steps to reach the temple. Believed to be a Prarthana Sthalam, Prasanna Venkatesan Perumal is said to solve all the problems of devotees.

On the Northern side of the temple Vishwaksenar Sannidhi. There area also sannidhis for the 12 Azhvaars, Adi Kesavaperumal and Krishnan with Rukmani and Satyabhama. About 100 yards to the East of this temple is the South Facing Lord Ranganatha temple.

Kutcheri at the temple
One of the highlights in the year, is the special kutcheri every evening at 6pm for 15 days beginning Aadi Amavasai. On the 10th day, the Utsava deity, decorated in a special alankaram is taken out on a street procession.

It is said that Muthuswamy Deekshithar, one of the Sangeetha Mummurthigal, composed Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Bhajegam in Vasantha Bairavi Raagam in praise of this Lord.

Chitrai Utsavam, Puratasi Brahmotsavam, 18 Garuda Sevai, Aipasi(Revathi Nakshatram)and Aavani(Thiruvonam) Thiru Kalyana Utsavam, Margazhi Adhyana Utsavam
During Hanuman Jayanthi in Margazhi, Lord Hanuman is taken out on a street Procession.

Temple Administration
The temple comes under the administration of the Thanjavur Palace, headed currently by Sri. Babaji Rajah Bhonsle. Under his able leadership, most of the Perumal koils in and around Thanjavur have received a face lift.

Quick Facts
Moolavar: Prasanna Venkatesan East Facing Standing Posture
Thaayar : Alamelumangaia, Padmavathi Thaayar
Temple Time : 7am-11am and 5pm-830pm
Priest : Gunasekara Bhattar @ 04362 224008 or Srikanth Bhattar




Gunaseelam Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Koil

Kudanthai Chakrapani Koil

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