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The Temples of Tamilnadu

Kailasanadhar Temple at Kailasa Parai

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This is near the Kailasa Vinayagar Temple and is a totally dilapidated temple. There are no daily poojas taking place and so this is usually not in the visitors’ list of temples. This is on top of a small hillock called Kailasa parai on the northern border of Padavedu. There are no steps to climb and actually none required since this is a flat rock. Only the sanctum sanctorum in Gajaprashta style remains with big and beautiful idol of Sri Kailasanadhar along with Uma Devi. The ardent devotees of Lord Shiva will definitely like to visit this place even though it needs renovation to some extent.

  Sri Uma Maheswarar Temple 1 Sri Uma Maheswarar Temple shrine Sri Uma Maheswarar 1 Sri Uma Maheswarar Temple stones View from the  back side of Sri Uma Maheswarar

There is a sunai [water stream] at the hillock top.

Sunai (Water Stream)

The location of the temple is awesome. From the hiilock top, the entire Padavedu is visible and it is a beautiful sight in the backdrop of Jawadu hills all around.

Padavdu aerial view from Kailasa Parai 2 Padavdu aerial view from Kailasa Parai 1 From Kailasa Parai

Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple

Kailasanadhar Temple at Kailasa Parai

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