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The Temples of Tamilnadu

Sthala Puranam - historical background

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Navagraha Sthalams
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During 13th and 14th Centuries, the Sambuvarayar chieftains ruled this region under the patronage of the Pandyas. For a short time they became independent and subsequently came under the rule of Kempagowda. Padavedu was the capital of their empire and so this was a big commercial place during that time. There were two forts - Big fort and Small fort with moats [Agazhi in Tamil]. Number of sages performed penance and attained salvation here. It is said that there were 1008 Shiva temples and 108 Vishnu temples here [though it is difficult to believe]. Out of these except the Yoga Ramar temple and the Renugambal temple, all other floor temples have disappeared due to the natural disasters. During the 1990s, many temples have been unearthed and renovated. These were built at various points of time, but most of the improvements and decorations appear to have been done when the Sambuvarayar came under the sway of the Vijayanagar Empire. There are many inscriptions from Vijayanagar period.

Legend of the place

Renuga devi, an incarnation of Parvathi devi, traveled the whole world accompanied by her friends and an army in search of a suitable husband. Finally, she arrived at Kundalipuram, where saint Jamadagini was doing penance. Since Renuga devi camped near the Ashram with her soldiers, the sacred place was named “Padai Veedu” (army encampment). Here, Renuga devi saw Saint Jamadagini, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. At that time a war broke out between the disciples of the Saint Jamadagini and the soldiers of Renuga devi. Durga [Chamundeeswari)]who accompanied Renuga devi, effected havoc by producing fire from her third eye. Seeing this, the Saint Jamadagini brought all the Teerthas available in three worlds in his kamandalam [water jug used by ascetics] and dropped it. The water from kamandalam transformed into a huge river and extinguished the fire brought out by Chamundeeswari. This river is known as “Kamandala Nadhi”. Later Renuga devi and Saint Jamadagini married and gave birth to Parasuramar, one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Kailasa Vinayagar Temple

Padavedu-Location and Highlights

            Exploring the Rich Temple Heritage of Tamil Nadu