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The Temples of Tamilnadu

Kailasa Vinayagar Temple

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One can reach Padavedu  in the morning.  Rooms are available at the Renugambal temple here and normally they will be available at all times. You may engage a local person for showing the routes since there are more than 10 temples. The place where Renugambal temple is situated is called A.K.Padavedu (Amman Koil Padavedu) and the actual Padavedu is about 2 km from here.

The First Temple to visit would be :

Kailasa Vinayagar Temple

The Vinayagar is 5.5 feet high and very majestic. This 12th century temple was completely destroyed and is one of the temples that was renovated recently. One can have a very satisfying darshan with the archagar doing a full 108 ashtothrams without any hurry.

Kailasa Vinayagar Temple View from Kailasa Vinayagar Temple
Kailasa Vinayagar Temple 2 Kailasa Vinayagar Temple 1

Kailasanadhar Temple at Kailasa Parai

Sthala Puranam

            Exploring the Rich Temple Heritage of Tamil Nadu