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Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple- A Pictureseque Description

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Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple

After enjoying the breath taking views around, we enter the temple. All the dwajasthambams we have seen so far are of either wood or metal and one does not remember having seen any, made of stone. Here is a beautifully carved out stone dwajasthambam with the lightning arrestor at the top.

Front view View from inside the temple Stone Dwajasthambam with the lightning arrestor

There are two water streams [sunai] on either side of the temple and water from one of them is very clean and is being used for drinking and abhisheham.

Sunai 1 Sunai 2

Front view of the temple

Front side of the temple

It is a small temple with only the main shrine and a small Amman shrine.

IMG_2874 IMG_2876 Back side of the temple IMG_2892 IMG_2914 Praharam - Back side Praharam - Left Praharam - Right

The most beautiful sight to behold is ofcourse  the sanctum, where the  Lord Venugopala Swamy is standing in a very stylish posture playing flute along with his consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama.

Inside the Temple

The abhisheham is conducted by  bhattacharyars and one can see a great devotion in their duties. During the abhisheham, the feeling that we experience of having come all the way up to see You, Sri Venugopla, in abhisheham, is something marvellous. We also get the feeling that Sri Venugopla Swamy has been so kind and grateful to invite us/ accept us and give His dharshan is bound to bring joyous tears to all the innumerable devotees coming to Padavedu . One has to be lucky enough to have His dharshan, especially after the long, strenuous and enjoyable climb up the mountains...!!

What makes this temple so special is the sincerity of the people working for the temple. Right from salt to rice, all the Abhisheham and Annadhanam items are to be carried over from the ground level to the mountain top. The whole cooking is being done at the mountain top and  Annadhanam is being done to all people,whatever may be the crowd and the situation. till around 4:30 pm when the temple closes.  One  is also amazed with  incidents in watching women collect cow-dungs from the road-side in neat plastic bags to be used for watering the temple entrance at the top.  Such is the Sincerity  !!.


1. During a Purattasi Saturday, sun rays falls on the foot of the deity and raises to head during the early morning hours. Some say that this happens on the third Saturday and some say that no one knows on which Saturday of the month, this will happen. There will be 100s of people staying overnight to witness the event and the place wears a festive look with good lightings. Lot of Annandhanams by many people take place on the mountain top and along the way. The temple will be open for the entire night and the Abhishehams will be completed before 5:30am itself on that day.

2. You can call up either the Bhattacharyar or the TVS office at Padaveedu to inform your plan to Kottamalai. Or,  if you want to make a wish and start just like that without any prior planning, you can still do that like many others. The tractor comes and goes and while walking, if the tractor passes by and if there is a seat, just get in, else continue walking. From 9 AM to 4 PM the temple is open and you can visit any time during this period.

3. Accomodation is available in Padavedu.  The Rent for the Rooms per day is Rs.150/=

4. This is a temple not to be missed since this has something for all types of people - the divine aspect, the beautiful sceneries, cool breeze [It is believed that some people come to visit this mountain top, just to sleep over the rock and experience the magic] and above all, a place to shed some Calories - so very near Chennai.


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Kottaimalai Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple

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