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The Temples of Tamilnadu

Vel Murugan Temple

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Velmurugan (Hill) Temple and Ramar Temple
Vel Murugan Temple View

This temple is located on the way from Ramar temple to Lakshmi Narasimhar temple on a hill top at the southern tanks of Kamandala river which is running on the southern side of Sri Ramachandra Swamy temple. The hill is known as Natchathra Kundru (Star Hill). No idols are found in this temple. A Vel [lance of Lord Muruga] is consecrated and Poojas are performed daily.

Legend has it that Bhogar [one of the eighteen Siddhars, who created the medicinal Palani Murugan idol out of nine herbal poisons] came to this place and consecrated the lance.

This temple opens only in the mornings from 7 to 11 AM

Sri Subramaniaswamy Temple

Veera Anjaneyar Temple

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